"The bigger challenge is that the available and incremental pool does not cater to the skill requirements of the organized sector. India’s workforce of skilled talent is only 5 per cent of the total available pool".

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The belief is that by imparting “skills for life”, the quality of life and sustainability of employment of individuals over a long period will bring in hitherto untrained and qualified workforce from unorganized to organized sector. This will therefore directly impact the per capita income, social security coverage and GDP of the Country.

To do this, organized retailers need to explore innovative hiring and retention strategies. They also need to make focused individual efforts and also jointly collaborate with the Government to develop relevant skills for the Organized Retail Sector.

This white paper take a comprehensive look at available labour force, workforce problems with organised sector, implication for organised retail and solutions. It discusses participation of women in the workforce, public private partnerships in skill development and social impact of workplace training.