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HR needs to adopt gig talent first and then scale it for the organisation.

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The truly global talent pool.

In my earlier columns on how agile companies need an agile HR first and how companies can integrate gig talent into strategic workforce planning, I’ve explored the idea that gig talent is the new talent pool. That companies that cannot adapt their thinking on talent to include such workers will lose out on deep-expertise in their talent strategies.

When it comes to the HR function itself, it requires multiple big shifts, one of which is that 20%-40% of the headcount within HR needs to be gig talent. This will allow HR to deploy deep expertise in real time and be present at the point of need anywhere globally (and in accordance with labour regulations).

We hear a lot of buzz on the gig economy and gig workers. I prefer to call these two the gig talent economy. While it is easier for certain types of industries—for example consulting—to bring in skilled contract workers as a key component of their talent strategy, it is a talent pool that all industries will find relevant, though they may not have studied this as a strategy yet.

On the HR front, we see the emergence of specialised firms. The Belgium and Europe based HRbuilders and Noble House Asia from Singapore are two such examples. EIM too has an HR practice on interim executive staffing. While LinkedIn is a key platform, it will be disrupted on the gig talent front if it does not adapt or evolve.

So, where are the people falling out of the organised employment sector and what are they doing? How can you find this talent pool and organise them to your benefit?
This paper discusses:
  1. Definition and numbers
  2. Understanding the trend
  3. Link between gig talent and Agile HR
  4. Finding Gig Talent for HR
  5. Is there a model we can apply to adopt gig talent in HR?
  6. Is gig talent an answer to organisational slack?
  7. Five changes to make gig talent a reality

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