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“This is a discussion on the need for HR to re-purpose itself, re-imagine all of the people practices or approaches to be at the speed of the customer.”

Over the past 12 months I’ve had the opportunity to present the 3i Agile HR(SM) thinking and research to about 210 executives including business leaders, CHROs and experienced HR Professionals in Europe, Middle East, US and Asia.

“We learnt that 70% of agility in HR was not structured related.”

Therefore, it was really about how HR applies the elements of agility to every thing it does, thereby refocussing on strategic value. All of this in the context of massive disruption and innovation.

“What is an agile people strategy in an multi-industry driven innovation and business model?”

In face of these changes, there are a number of key questions that need answers for future of HR – from Augmented Strategic Workforce Planning, Performance Management, Gig Talent, Employee Experiences based HR Analytics and intelligent employee interfaces.

“And why you should say no to competencies but yes to behaviours”


  • Three big changes that will impact us
  • Where is HR today in the face of this complex, fast paced, massive disruptive change?
  • How does agility impact people strategy and practices?
  • What are the new competencies for HR professionals in an agile world?
  • Making HR Agile: Three elements of agility and their impact and quick examples of companies
  • Organising HR differently – needed but not the only driver
  • Can we really ‘Warp Speed’ HR to be agile?

This paper includes people strategies, practices and examples of companies from the 3i Agile HRSM Diagnostic and Go Agile Roadmap Solution. (Read more on this solution on the last page). Through this solution, we partner with companies to deconstruct the complexity of going agile and re-building an innovative, simple, future centric people strategy and HR Function.

Click the ‘Read Full’ Tab to read or download the paper.


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