“If your company was born in the last 5 years, what would be different?”

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Companies that have been born in the last 10 years, ‘digital natives’ understand and serve their customers in a fundamentally different way than legacy businesses. They use five distinct habits to think like a digital native and win in a disruptive marketplace. Based on research over five years, this course helps leaders and companies understand the five habits to think like a digital native. Thinking Like A Digital NativeTM Is a one of its kind key note session or a course for leaders who want to understand disruption and shape strategy for their organizations at the intersection of customer behavior, market forces, cross industry impacts, technology, business models and leadership.

Why Is This Different?

The participants get to discover, understand and apply the Five Habits of Digital Natives that cut across and integrate nine key elements of the future of our world: Future Of Strategy, Platforms, Experiences, Money, Connectivity, Design, Work, Organization Models and Leading people.

The Experience:

This is an imagination-centric, future-centric, and design-centric course that helps you connect the dots between business models, technology, design, people, and cultures. This is a one-of-its kind course that challenges your thinking with global, cross-cultural perspectives to help you become a digital native leader. You will be able to apply this thinking to any business situation, organization model, project, process design or in your own job.

Top Five Takeaways From This Course:

  1. Understand a framework and be able to decode, explain industry disruption
  2. Map the co-relation between business models and technology
  3. Understand the economic value of design
  4. Gain foundational insights into the latest trends: Platforms, Super Apps, Digital Wallets, Web3, NFTs, Blockchain, Metaverse, Future of Work, Subscription models, Health-tech, Retail-Tech and much more
  5. Map the value of digital through the framework of Time saved, Time Spent, Time Invested and Value to Customer, Ecosystem

Course Modules:

  1. Decoding disruption
  2. Platform Businesses and Ecosystems
  3. Building Cross-Industry And Dissimilar/Unnatural Capabilities
  4. Introduction to Super-Apps
  5. The Digital Value Framework
  6. The Experience Economy
  7. Future Of Work
  8. Economic Value Of Design
  9. Hyper-loop Of Digital Change
  10. Five Habits Of Digital Natives

Certification With A Dynamic NFT: MyLearningNFTTM 

The participants will be graduated from this course with a path-breaking innovation in dynamic NFTs. Each participant upon successful completion will mint a dynamic NFT – MyLearningNFTTM – this will help the participants to keep learning on course leader selected topics to keep their NFT alive. If their NFT is in the top two tiers upon completion of six months after the course, they will receive certain benefits to continue to learn other courses. Learn more.