Shouldn’t HR be a multiplier of ideas rather than just be a process-driven department?

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Hari Abburi’s  column with Founding Fuel on agility and design thinking for HR

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Have you heard of these?

The Hyperloop transportation system, 3-D printing a heart, the cloud, Gatorade’s smart cap bottle, the talking paper format for explaining key points simply, BMW motion sensor, Google Glass, Coca-Cola’s ‘That’s not my name’ TV commercial, Light Fidelity or Li-Fi for high-speed data transfer using LED bulbs, Channel F video game console by Fairchild, Disney MagicBand—a wristband visitors to the theme park can use to access entertainment options, making humans inter-planetary, coffee Ripple Maker, mining asteroids, James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, Mad Men.

Google them and you’ll see how exciting these ideas are. They all represent disruptive change and exemplify design thinking—an approach to continuous innovation that is based on understanding people’s needs, the context of their lives, and imagining an entirely new way of doing things.

Most of these ideas have led to new businesses or organisation models that are shrinking the gap between a customer and the company, blurring the lines between employees and customers. They do this in two ways: One, employees are customers too. Two, the digital onset has made several layers in a company redundant, so employees are almost in real-time contact with customers.


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