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This research paper is based on a sample of 450 professionals from 8 different organizations operating in various countries in Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan.

In our coffee summary, the Aon Hewitt Leadership Consulting Practice has regular dialogues with top CEOs and HR Directors in building leadership capabilities “early on” and “deep within” their organizations.

The key insight derived from these dialogues and partnerships is that most Hi-Potentials have the “Will to Lead” and organizations rally around that aspect to create career plans. However, the organizations that have been successful in creating leaders at multiple levels of the organization have focused on creating a “Will to Prepare” in their Hi-Potentials.

Based on our research, Leadership Potential is based on three key dimensions:

Foundational Dimensions – consistent and stable, unlikely to develop or change

Growth Dimensions – facilitate or hinder growth and development in other areas

Career Dimensions – early indicators of later career skills

In this paper, we share our findings based on our research from the Aon Hewitt Assessment Centers across different industries and countries in Southeast Asia.

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