Conversations that prepare you for a future yet to be discovered



Conversations that prepare you for a future yet to be discovered. In this podcast series, Hari Abburi, Managing Partner, The Preparation Company engages with ideators and thought leaders on a range of topics at the intersection of strategy, technology, leadership and people. Hari consults with CEOs, CHROs and chief transformation officers on strategy and leadership, people strategy and HR, organization and change. Hari believes that strategy in this new world has to be driven by multi-industry influences. This makes every company a technology, data and a platform business. Hari is now the Managing Partner for a niche agility-focused consulting firm, The Preparation Company. He is a board advisor of a conversational science start up from San Francisco and teaches his agility-based strategy framework at Caltech Center for Technology and Management Education. Follow your Host Hari Abburi on twitter @HariAbburi



In this 2.34 minute episode, Hari Abburi talks about the purpose of this series, the ideas that he will focus on in the conversation with thought leaders.

Sesil Pir is the Principal Consultant of Sesil Pir Consulting, a leading global thinker on transformations and Future of Work.  She consults with companies on transformations in the new disruptive world and tears down traditional views. In this episode, she decodes transformation in a world of continuous disruption and why human centred leadership is so important. Read more of her thought leadership.

Ravin is the Managing Director at Willis Towers Watson and recognised as one of the 25 influential consultants in the world. In this conversation he shares his thinking on a range of topics; impact of Covid-19 on jobs, decoding Future of Work, shifts needed in government approach, the need to re-imagine performance management and how to get started thinking on Future of Work. Read more on his thought leadership.

Saurabh Kumar, CEO and Manish Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer are Co-Founders of a conversational AI Start-up Actionable Science. Conversations are fundamental human behaviour and building a human-Ai interface that can serve and anticipate needs transform the roles across functions in a company. Saurabh Kumar, CEO and Manish Sharma, CMO are Co-Founders of Actionable Science. In this conversation, Saurabh and Manish take us into the world of conversational AI, applications and its future.

Dennis Kirwan is the CEO of Dymic Digital, a marketing and branding agency in California.  This episode focuses on why the current crisis is accelerating innovation and forcing consumers to order just about everything from home… Did Amazon have the last laugh?

Dr Irving Wladawsky-Berger is a Research Affiliate at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, a Fellow of MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy and of MIT Connection Science and Adjunct  Professor  at the Imperial College Business School. He was with IBM for 37 years to their internet strategy. He has been an advisor to Citibank, HBO and MasterCard. In this wide ranging conversation, Irvin talks about life in year 2050, predictions Vs decision making in Ai, how human limitations make up for technology adoption, why not to conceptualise Ai in human terms, intangible investments in research and Imagination as a critical leadership attribute. Read his blog.

In this episode, Richard Browning, British Inventor, Founder of Gravity Industries and the Jet Pack talk on his journey from imagination, design to making the idea fly. He relates to his inspirations in his life and ideas for the future for the jet pack. Read more on his ventures at Gravity.Co