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Customer Speed

In this Article by Merilee Kern on Thrive Global, Hari Abburi’s perspective is quoted. Read the article here or download in the read full tab.

Hari Abburi is a transformative thinker and leader who believes in centering leadership “at the speed of the customer.” This is a non-ego- driven approach that directly concentrates on what a customer is thinking and experiencing in the present. “When leaders stay focused on anticipating customer needs and keeping their teams’ customer- centric, a better product or service is produced,” he says.

In this chase to understand how customers transfer their experiences from an unrelated situation on to a company, Abburi views leadership narrowing down to a few critical elements: curiosity, visual thinking, ability to articulate a clear purpose, using design as a key principle for everything done does and simplicity of execution.

“I have worked and lived in several countries and with responsibilities for over 50 countries and have seen patterns emerge, notes Abburi. “Curiosity and imagination are two universal key elements shared by leaders across cultures, ethnicities and industries. Curiosity is the best attribute a leader can have, as it drives the kind of imagination that solves problems and spurs innovation.”