Rajan Kalia | India, Southeast Asia, New Delhi

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Co-Founder, Salto Dee Fe Consulting & Karma Notes

Rajan works in the area of Business Enablement and Leap frogging Organizations to the next orbit of growth. His firm focuses on 5 prac;ce areas – Talent Management, Talent Reten;on, People Deci- sions, Organisa;on Transforma;on and Leadership Skilling. He and his team has created the revolu;onary One Minute Feedback mo- bile applica;on tool, Karma Notes.

Rajan has a rich and varied 26 years experience in Human Re- sources . He does cuPng edge Talent Management work with Marc Effron for Fortune 100 companies across the globe, closer home he is involved with Harvard Business Press, Stanford Seed and DDI ad- vising, consul;ng, teaching and coaching their clients.

For the past 6 years Rajan has been consul;ng, advising, teaching, coaching and launching organisa;ons in their next growth orbit. He has worked with over 80 clients in varied sectors including Fortune 100 Global, Indian private and public sector companies. His clients seek his advice to solve complex Talent/ Performance Management issues, build robust Talent strategies and Transform Organisa;ons.

Since 1992, Rajan has garnered his exper;se through hard-won experience across mul;ple sectors ― in manufacturing industry he worked with Eicher and Ballarpur Industries, in FMCG with Coca Cola, and in consul;ng with Eicher Consultancy Services (ECS), before gePng into financial services with Max New York Life Insurance (MNYL). He spent over a decade in the financial services industry.

He is a feedback specialist and has invented ‘Karma Notes’, a performance enhancement and feedback mobile applica;on. Rajan has been trained by Harvard Business Publishing in Case study methodology, DDI in Performance Management & Coaching, by SHL in OPQ Assessments and by Right Management in Leadership program. He is an interna;onal speaker, expert in the areas of HR & Performance Feedback.

Over the years, Rajan has been instrumental in sePng up HR func;ons, formula;ng the philosophy, strategy and policies of the func;on. He has specific exper;se in the areas of Performance Management, Compensa;on, Feedback & Talent Management. He has been instrumental in Transforming Organisa- ;ons over the last 15 years. He regularly tweets and publishes on LinkedIn.

Rajan is Masters in Personnel Management & Industrial Rela;ons from Punjab University, Chandigarh.