Global Executive | Business Consultant | Author | Speaker

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Hari has authored several papers and published ideas at the intersection of industries, technologies and people. He define agility is to be at the speed of the customer.

His ideas and research cover strategy, leadership, organisation and HR across North America, Europe, Asia and LATAM.

His three elements of agility: Interfaces, Intersections and Insights showcase the depth of his research and simplicity of articulation. You can read the infographic on the Go AGILE page.

The THINKING page showcases all his papers and research.

Hari is a compelling speaker with future centric ideas. His style is very visual, design oriented and with real examples or case studies. He believes that his speaking opportunities combined with audience feedback have sharpened his thinking.

You can read about or watch his speaking engagements on the OUT THERE page.

He has held executive positions at both global and regional level. His work primarily is in M&As/Integrations, Start-Ups, Restructuring. He worked with Hoerbiger Group, Aon, Walmart JV, GE and Coca- Cola.

He is global professional having lived and worked in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland. He is now based in Los Angeles, US.

Hari’s recent consulting clients included Franke Global (Switzerland), SberBank Europe, Eco World Asia (Malaysia), Syngenta Global (Switzerland). In previous assignments, he consulted with several global and regional companies.

His clients also include: Coca-Cola Malaysia, CIMB Bank Southeast Asia, MaybankMalaysia, Astra Zeneca Asia Pacific, Amway Asia Pacific, Big C  & Carrefour Thailand,  PTT Thailand,  Aeon Retail, Malaysia/ Indonesia/ Japan, Media Corp Singapore, NgeeAnn Polytechnic Singapore, Bank of America Global, SberBank Europe, Bank of America Global, HOERBIGER Asia & LATAM, GlaxoSmith Kline Asia Pacific, Kimberly-Clarke International, FrankeGlobal