Insights and examples from around the world on agility in HR. Innovation does not focus on benchmarking.

CHROs and Senior HR Leaders from Pepsico, Boeing, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Colgate Palmolive, IFFCO, Sharaf DG, Himalaya Drug Company, AT Kearney, Schindler participated in the round table on Agile HR on February 1, 2018.

The round table was hosted by Pepsico International at their region office in Dubai. The round table discussion was organised with Tread Stone Consulting, Dubai.

This round table session focused on three key aspects:

  • How does the future of work impact future of HR?
  • Why agility is more important than ever and what is agility?
  • How can companies fast forward their HR Functions into the agile world?

This session presented the 3i Agile HR Model with a combination of market research, examples and client insights. This covered a range of issues from augmented workforce (humans + machines), employee experiences, adoption of gig talent, HR Analytics etc and how they impact people strategy, practices and the HR Model.

The future of HR Model with its three elements of agility – Intersections, Interfaces and Insights showcases ideas and best practices for the key questions:

First – What is the agile people strategy?

  • How does a multi-industry organization model and talent strategy look like?
  • What is your talent strategy at the intersections to drive innovation?
  • What is the future positioning for HR Business Partners?
  • How can Strategic Workforce Planning integrate human AI & Automation and Gig talent?
  • How will Performance Management be in an Agile world?
  • What shifts do you need in your succession management?
  • What is the future of leadership capability and development?

Second – How do we design intelligent interfaces that blur the lines between customers and employees?

  • What are the interfaces HR can use to deliver outstanding experiences?
  • How can smart interfaces make HR present everywhere yet invisible?
  • How can you apply design thinking to employee interfaces?
  • What is a Customer Experience based Employee Experience

Third – How can an employee experience based analytics link up to customer data?

  • How can you drive analytics at the intersection of people and machines?
  • How to design HR Analytics to be at the intersections?
  • How can employee experiences design create powerful analytics and insights?
  • How can HR Analytics be delivered through integrated voice + touch?

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