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Leading At The Speed Of The Customer® Is the only course of its kind focussed on understanding, experimenting and applying agility. This course is based on 7 years of research by Hari Abburi to understand why and how disruptive companies shape strategy, markets, capabilities, organization and leadership.

The context of the course is the 5 Big Shifts we see in the world today:

  • There is no such thing as a single-industry company anymore.
  • Every business is a platform, data, and technology business.
  • With technology and data, the lines blur even between seemingly dissimilar industries.
  • For the customer, experience from one instance is immediately transferred to a completely different instance in real time as an expectation.
  • The future of the workforce is augmented—a mix of human full-time employees, gig talent, robotics, and AI-driven automation

Hari Abburi’s defines agility as being ‘At The Speed Of The Customer. The course brings to life the three elements of agility – Intersections, Interfaces and Insights:

The course is structured into 7 modules:

  1. Introduction to disruption and trends
  2. Strategy at the intersection of industries
  3. Capabilities at the intersection of expertise areas
  4. Adapting and applying elements of Future Of Work
  5. Design and Interfaces to change human behaviour
  6. Insights that create new flywheel opportunities
  7. Apply the 3i Agility Flywheel

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At The Speed Of The Customer is a registered trademark of The Preparation Company LLC and the course outline and content are copyrights of Hari Abburi.