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Without doubt, agility is the key to the next 25 years of massive, complex disruptive world created by an ideas economy.

Are your leaders prepared for it?



An Imaginative, Creative, Future-Centric, Design-Centric, Disruptive, Visual, Data-Centric, Global and Interactive Program for your Company. This is the only kind of its program available globally
  • We believe best ideas come from conversations. We place a premium on conversations; future-centric and design-centric thinking for your business
  • We bring global, nice research on agility and simplify it so that leaders have a teachable point of views for their companies and teams
  • We were virtual even before, but now we use a combination of digital tools to make it an easy to learn experience with rich interactivity



This program is available for in-person or in virtual classroom. In both formats, the program uses easy to use digital tools including chatbots etc. 



Hari Abburi, is the Core Faculty of the program. Hari consults with CEOs and companies regarding strategy and leadership, people strategy and human resources, organization, and change. A global executive with over 25 years of leadership roles in industry, his experience is on growth models, market-entry, start-ups, M&As and restructuring. He has been in executive roles with Arthur Andersen, Coca-Cola, GE, Baxter, Walmart JV, Aon Hewitt, Hoerbiger Group.  His experience spans 55+ Countries and has lived/worked in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland and is based in Los Angeles, US. He defines agility as being at the speed of the customer. Based on his model for agility, he has developed for the Caltech CTME, a one-of-its-kind program on business strategy and leadership, ’Leading at the Speed of the Customer’. He is an Advisory Board Member to Conversational Ai Start-Up, Actionable Science.


Hari Abburi on Caltech Campus, Pasadena, CA, United States.