Transition to a ‘Future of People’ Strategythrough a precise, easy-to-handle, change oriented diagnostic leading to a roadmap

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We bring the best of future of strategy, future of work thinking to shaping your agile people strategy.

#5 reasons on why companies partner with us to shape their people strategy:

  1. Transition to a ‘Future of People’ Strategy through a precise, easy-to-handle, change oriented diagnostic leading to a roadmap
  2. Warp Drive’ HR capabilityby thinking through solutions and approaches for Future of Work and Future of Business Models era
  3. Identify and rapidly seize opportunitiesacross business, geographies, frameworks or platforms
  4. Identify opportunities beyond HR Structure,g. Employee Experiences driven HR Analytics or Redesign of Strategic Workforce Planning
  5. Apply diagnostic to compare capabilities in M&A/Integration decisions to leverage opportunities or consolidate capabilities between entitiesor for HR Transformations

Some of our findings


We understand and discover answers to key strategy questions:

1. What is the agile people strategy?

  • How does a multi-industry organization model and talent strategy look like?
  • What is your talent strategy at the intersections to drive innovation?
  • What is the future positioning for HR Business Partners?
  • How can Strategic Workforce Planning integrate human AI & Automation and Gig talent?
  • How will Performance Management be in an Agile world?
  • What shifts do you need in your succession management?
  • What is the future of leadership capability and development?

2. How do we design intelligent interfaces that blur the lines between customers and employees?

  • What are the interfaces HR can use to deliver outstanding experiences?
  • How can smart interfaces make HR present everywhere yet invisible?
  • How can you apply design thinking to employee interfaces?
  • What is a Customer Experience based Employee Experience?

3. How can an employee experience-based analytics link up to customer data?

  • How can you drive analytics at the intersection of people and machines?
  • How to design HR Analytics to be at the intersections?
  • How can employee experiences design create powerful analytics and insights?
  • How can HR Analytics be delivered through integrated voice + touch?

A simple, well rounded 8 step approach,

90 days from diagnostic start to report presentation