Conversations that prepare you for a future yet to be discovered

The podcast series will kick-off in April 2020.

Each episode is 10-12 minutes of high-impact conversations

“Knowledge creates ideas, else it is just information”  |  In this podcast series Hari Abburi, Managing Partner – The Preparation Company, engages with thought leaders on a range of topics at the intersection of strategy, technology, leadership and people.

The first season will have 6 episodes that will cover a range of topics including:

  1. The Future of work and future of jobs
  2. AI applications for personalised learning in a global software services company
  3. Introduction to Human Centered Leadership and why its more important today in the age of automation
  4. How do you unlearn and create new leadership capabilities, talent pools and people practices for a new industry?
  5. Decoding the Middle-East business environment
  6. All about digital transformations with a Chief Digital Officer of a global services company

This it the Podcast page | All episodes will be available here | The links to the series on iTunes and Sound Cloud will also be available here

Listen to this 2:33 min podcast introducing the series

Also Listen to the recent podcast interview: Disruption–Meeting the New Expectation (with Hari Abburi)