Video | How agile is your HR? | Disrupt HR Zurich

Watch Hari Abburi’s 6 minute talk at Disrupt HR Zurich introducing the three elements of Agility and the Agile HR Model©


Agile HR | CHRO Opportunity Diagnostic

A comprehensive diagnostic that enables a CHRO to look at the future and create a road map to go agile with HR. The diagnostic combined with in-depth interviews leads to a HR Leadership design thinking workshop to draw out a future roadmap to make the function agile. Know more on this. Read More.

HR Strategy European Bank

HR Strategy, operating model and process design with an pan European Bank through principles of design thinking

HR Analytics approach an Agricultural Products Company

Design of HR Analytics approach, ‘go-to-market’ and implementation of HR Capability roadmap for HR Business Partners across 20 countries with a 13$ billion agricultural products company. Featured as part of a best practice case study by CEB.

Employee Engagement for an Industrial Products Company

Design and implementation of a creative employee engagement framework across 30 countries with a 1.3 $ billion global equipment manufacturing company

Senior Leader Development for an European Bank

An intense multiple case based Leadership Development program for Senior Leaders and Country GMs. The program was focussed on Innovation, Leadership and Culture in the context of digital growth strategy of the bank.

Agile HR Co-Explore Workshops

A one-of-its-kind workshop that introduces agility and design thinking for HR. It explores how to mix humans, AI and Robotics in Strategic Workforce Planning, designing employee interfaces that drive sharp analytics, creating employee experiences based on customer ideas. This was done both as an open workshop (Zurich) and in a customised approach for a global company. Read more and watch a workshop video.

Design Thinking for HR Workshops

Design Thinking for HR roundtables discussions with a global agricultural products company and an European Bank. Read the thinking that reflects the workshop experiences.

M&A HR Integrations

HR Integration of Operations Structures for a leading Country Retailer’s acquisition of the local entity of a major global retailers in Thailand. And Design & development of M&A HR integration approach, methodology for global 1 billion euro engineering company

Performance Management Industrial Engineering Company

Design of performance management framework based on the business model and performance behaviours (and moving away from competencies) with best-in-class innovative approach implementation across 55 countries for an engineering products & services group

Hari Abburi’s focus is on Agility and Design Thinking in driving complex change for Organizations, Leaders and Human Resources.

He is the originator of the Agile HR Model© based on the three element so of Agility for HR. Watch the 06:42 Min inroduction video as  to the Agile HR Model©. He consults with companies in this Future of HR thinking through the AGILE HR OPPORTUNITY© DIAGNOSTIC & GO AGILE ROAD MAP.

Based in United States, he consults and advices clients through consulting partnerships in United States, Europe, India, China and Southeast Asia.

His experience and expertise is to shape differentiated, creative people strategies and organization models in high growth, M&As/Integrations and Start-Ups at both regional and global levels.

His work, approaches and solutions are often described as creative, innovative, unconventional and are anchored by simplicity. He has keen interest in emerging technologies and their interfaces with people.

Hari works with CEOs and CHRO’s on specific long-term impact solutions with the centerpieces of design thinking and agility. His paper on Agile HR focuses on why agility and design thinking are the future of HR effectiveness and highlights the exponential change required.

He has been a faculty at several Universities on topics of Change Management, Leadership and Succession, HR Strategy, growth capabilities and International HRM. He is also speaker at several industry forums, conferences in Asia and Europe