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We partner with companies to deliver deep-expertise and knowledge rapidly. And we do this in two ways: Co-Explore or Co-Design. Reach us.


Our clients for Co-Explore and Co-Design are globally located including Zurich, Budapest, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Shanghai.



A roundtable discussion to explore latest thinking and practices in the world. This is either customized to your organization or generic.

Few of the Co-Explores delivered:

  • Design Thinking for HR Analytics Team
  • Strategic Workforce Planning in an world of augmented talent (Humans+Ai+Robotic+Gig)
  • The Future of Performance Management
  • The E8©, Eight Employee Experiences that matter
  • Design thinking for culture transformation case study at HR Fest, Budapest (Video: 15 Min)

In-depth workshops or workouts to apply principles of design thinking and agility to Leadership, Culture, Organization or HR Models.

Few of the Co-Designs delivered:

  • Agile Leadership Development Program for pan-European Bank for 9 countries
  • Decision making for HRBPs with HR Analytics Workshop for global HRBPs at Agricultural Products company
  • Agile HR Model© Workshop (Video: 5 min)
  • Design Thinking for HR Shared Services for a global lighting company across Asia Pacific 11 countries
  • Design Thinking for Leaders for a Malaysian Real Estate market leader