Did you know? 70% of opportunity to be agile is not structure related.

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Our unique value proposition
  1. Shape your People Strategy through three elements of agility for HR
  2. Build HR Capabilities to be at the speed of the customer
  3. Build a strategic HR function that is the anchor for change in the future of work context
How will you benefit from Agile HR Opportunity© & Go Agile Road Map Solution
  1. Demystify and jump-start transition to Future of HR state through a precise, easy-to-handle, change oriented roadmap
  2. Identify and rapidly seize opportunities across business, geographies, frameworks or platforms
  3. Identify opportunities beyond HR Structure oriented, eg. Employee Experiences driven HR Analytics or Redesign of Strategic Workforce Planning
  4. Compare capabilities in M&A/Integration decisions for consolidation or build for the future
  5. ‘Warp Drive’ HR capability by thinking through solutions and approaches for Future or Work and Future of Business Models era
What is the approach
  1. We apply a comprehensive diagnostic with key stakeholders and HR team that gets insights based on the three elements of agility – Intersections, Interfaces and Insights
  2. A detailed report is presented to showcase the insights from the diagnostic
  3. We work with HR teams through a workshop to design a change road map around the opportunities identified
  4. Often, we do partner further to co-create solutions, eg, design and implementation of HR Analytics Approach or design/map Employee Experiences or HR Capability Program or re-design of performance management or succession planning etc
Video (6.43 min) | A quick introduction to the three elements of agility and the Agile HR Model©

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The 3 big changes we experience for the next two decades, hence agility and design thinking
  1. Exponential increase in transperancy from technology and data that change what & how people want services
  2. New understanding of jobs will redefine how we earn a living and add value as humans
  3. Data and access to services are collapsing business models and employee lifecycles today outlast business lifecycles
To lead in this world of change, we need to answer these key questions
  • How will an Agile People Strategy be?
  • What is a Customer Experience based Employee Experience?
  • What is the new positioning of HR Business Partners?
  • How to design HR Analytics to be at the intersections?
  • How will Strategic Workforce Planning integrate human AI & Automation and Gig talent?
  • How will Performance Management be in an Agile world?
  • What shifts do you need in your succession management?
  • What is the future of leadership capability and development?
  • How can you apply design thinking to employee interfaces?
  • How does the new HR Model look like?
  1. Original thinking and application approach on agility and design thinking for HR
  2. Cross industry expertise including Banking, Financial Services, Healthcare, FMCG, Retail, Industrial, Agricultural Products, Media Real Estate, Engineering, Manufacturing
  3. Strong design to implementation experience across 30+ Countries to drive effectiveness and impact
How we partner (Read more)
  1. Co-Explore
  2. Co-Design
  3. Co-Create